Small Beginnings Farm

John's Cross, affectionately known as Bramble, is a 17h 1992 Bay Trakhener Gelding.  He has done Hunters, Jumpers, Eventing, and Dressage.  We competed up to Novice Eventing and 2nd level Dressage.  He can easily clear 3.6 jumps, but because of feet issues no longer jumps.  I have done all his training.  We even did a 4th of July parade as a 4 year old.  He loves to work, is very kind, lets my small children help groom and ride him, and he runs the herd.  He is good with the young horses and shows them proper manners.  He is returning to work after a couple years off to straighten out his feet and loving it. Picture below was taken 2006, Jess was 18 mo and Nick was 3.


He enjoy working with young riders who need confidence or a good start to there riding careers. He is used by the Bay Ridge Show team for shows and Finale. Ridden here by Kelsey Mussett.



He does have his own opinion about the whole bath, braiding and showing thing.

Bramble is now showing Third level dressage with Amnada Smith and showing that he still loves to work and compete.

He still expects to be spoiled and treated like a king.

He will always enjoy his time with the youngsters.