Small Beginnings Farm

We aquired a new member of our house hold on Dec 10, 2005. His name is Stripe and he is a Columbian Red Tail Boa Constrictor.  He is about 4mo old at this time and measures about 1.5ft in length. Nick and Jessica are real excited about their new pet. He seems very friendly, but not real sure of Nick when he gets to excited to see him. Here are a few pictures of his first day home.

Stripe resting on Nick's arm

Here is a picture of his current length

Nick with Stripe

He started to move towards Nick

Stripe hiding in Angelo's coat pocket, see the Mickey Mouse spot on his tail. (right under his chin)

Nick and Jessica petting Stripe

Jessica giving him a kiss

Then Nick got his turn to kiss the snake

Now he wants to come see you.